West Newbury Annual Municipal Meeting Results | Local News

Mandate of the West Newbury Annual Municipal Meeting

May 14, 2022


FEATURE 1 Town Reports – Citizens of the Year awarded to West Newbury Wild and Native – committed to preserving natural ecosystem plantations.

ITEM $2,397,325 for debt service on the Pentucket construction project.

ARTICLE 3 Operating budget of $18.1 million. Funding for the Penucket Regional School budget has been changed to $7,480,673 for operations and $835,497 for its capital valuation.

ARTICLE 4 Instructions, Rules and Regulations for Water Commissioners. Voters gave none.

SECTION 5 $1.05 million in anticipation of Water Department revenue subject to the Water Board Commissioners making a specific request to the Treasurer to transfer $100,000 to the Water Stabilization Account.

ARTICLE 6 $7,500 to be saved for future water utility capital projects.

ARTICLE 7 $50,000 for the pension stabilization account.

ARTICLE 8 Establish spending limits for revolving accounts for the new fiscal year.

SECTION 9 $10,364 for the revolving septic loan account for debt repayment.

ARTICLE 10 Annual Allocations of Funds under the Community Preservation Act.

ARTICLE 11 $75,000 for unbudgeted personnel costs in anticipation of the expected results of a salary study.

ARTICLE 12 $15,000 for a solar electricity feasibility study on city properties. Nathan Kelly’s finance committee and others called for a “no” vote, saying the introduction of solar power in the proposed areas would detract from the rural character of the community and interfere with existing uses. These areas include the canopy of the City Annex parking lot, near DPW on Pipestave Hill, the north side of Page School, and Dunn’s Fields to the north and south. Parker gave a detailed explanation of the purpose of the sites. Item passed easily.

ARTICLE 13 $2,500 for the next phase of the inventory of historic properties.

ITEM 14 $25,000 for brick and lintel appraisal at Page Elementary.

ITEM 15 $85,000 for a structural safety study at Page Elementary.

ARTICLE 16 $27,500 for the replacement of the roof of the old roadside garage.

ARTICLE 17 $35,900 for the relocation of the DPW workstation.

ARTICLE 18 $65,000 to replace the town hall telecommunications system.

ARTICLE 19 $56,000 for the replacement of an electric van for DPW.

ITEM 20 $80,000 for the replacement of a dump truck for the DPW.

ARTICLE 21 $39,000 for public safety emergency equipment.

ARTICLE 22 $10,000 for the Rescue Air Bag system for the fire department.

ARTICLE 23 $14,500 for saws and power tools for the fire department.

ARTICLE 24 $342 for unreimbursed expenses from the previous year.

ARTICLE 26 Exemption from dog license fees for residents over 70 years of age.

ARTICLE 27 Accept Sullivan Court Extension as a public thoroughfare.

ARTICLE 28 Update the Local Preferences section of the Inclusive Housing Requirements By-law.

SECTION 29 Affordable Housing Trust Bylaws.

ARTICLE 30 Modification of municipal by-laws to insert a section on street numbering; NO ACTION TAKEN.

ARTICLE 25 A draft by-law on the protection of wetlands. The Conservation Commission wants to address the concerns raised before bringing him back. Several voters left after this vote.

ARTICLE 31 Addition of a member of the Open Space Committee to CPA Ouest.

Newbury Town Special Meeting Mandate

May 14, 2022


ARTICLE 1 $73,700 for various updates of a distribution study and a study on water rates for the Service de l’eau.

ITEM 2 Cancellation of $1.25 million of an appropriation of $1.5 million in 2019 for repairs to the Soldiers and Sailors Hall. Former Councilman Michael McCarron argued it required a ⅔ vote since it originally passed with a ⅔ vote. However, the current lawyer indicated that a simple majority was required.

ARTICLE 3 Sell/Rent the Soldiers and Sailors Hall with historic preservation restriction.

ITEM 5 $97,244.81 for DPW Snow and Ice Deficit. Barry Fogel asked the city to use less salt on the roads when necessary.

ARTICLE 6 $47,845 for the improvement of DPW facilities.

ITEM 7 $34,000 to study the impact of the emerald ash borer on public ash trees, which represent approximately 30% of West Newbury’s trees.

ARTICLE 8 $15,000 for automated external defibrillators for the fire department.

ITEM 4 $115,000 to raze the Soldiers and Sailors Hall and install a Veterans Memorial Park in its place. LACK