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We’re striding into summer – seriously, June will be “boiling” from Wednesday – which means there are plenty of lazy, foggy days ahead.

Just typing those words makes me want to head to the nearest lounge chair, open a book, and settle in for a few chapters.

Maybe you feel the same, maybe you do all your reading on a late-night Kindle — or maybe you’re just looking for a new title to try out for your book club.

Whatever the reason (and who really needs a ‘reason’ to read a book?), summer is the perfect time to squeeze in some reading time.

With that in mind, we are launching the 14th annual “Liz’s Book Club”.

Every summer, Kenosha News readers join this “club,” which shares their favorite headlines through your local newspaper. Our list covers all kinds of books, from David Baldacci’s latest thrillers to classics like ‘Don Quixote’, which hit the bestseller list in 1605.

People also read…

This is a simple club to join: just tell us about a good book (fiction or non-fiction) – or several books – that you have read. Along with getting tons of great reading suggestions, you could also win a $25 gift certificate for our very own Blue House Books in downtown Kenosha. Anyone who submits a book suggestion is entered into a draw for the gift certificate.

Since 2009, Book Club has listed over 1,000 titles – and counting! That’s a lot of books, and only about 40% of them were written by John Grisham. We’re kidding, but seriously, the prolific author has a lot of fans.

Take me somewhere else!

Books are wonderful companions and can take you far and wide from wherever you are, whether you’re stuck in a two-hour line to rent a car at Atlanta airport (the novel “All the Adults Here” by Emma Straub got me through this ordeal) or dozing/reading in your garden hammock.

Another reason to start reading? You “meet” so many interesting people. Consider that author Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, also wrote the novel “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” So the same guy who imagined the deadly British secret agent also gave the world a magical, whimsical flying car.

This shows how versatile and creative authors are. And by reading their work, you enter their world.

To start, Samantha Jacquest, who operates Blue House Books, gave me a list of recommendations for independent booksellers like her. Among the titles: “The Summer Place” by Jennifer Weiner, on frantic summer wedding planning; “Chemistry Lessons” Bonnie Garmus’ debut novel about a woman scientist in 1960s California who becomes the unlikely star of a beloved TV cooking show; and “The Candy House” the latest novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning Jennifer Egan. “Candy House” is about a new technology, “Owning Your Unconscious”, which allows you to access all the memories you’ve had and share each memory in exchange for accessing the memories of others. Well, what could go wrong with that?

Also on this list is Emma Straub’s latest novel, “Tomorrow at this time,” about a 40-year-old woman named Alice who wakes up one morning and finds herself in 1996, reliving her 16th birthday. I don’t know if this is a dream or a nightmare, but I have a thing for time travel as a plot.

Send your choices

No doubt you have your own suggestions for good reading, whether it’s old favorites or new titles you stumbled upon at the library, at Blue House Books or at the airport before taking a long flight. (I finished two short novels on a 10 hour flight to Italy years ago and have never gotten on a plane without a lot of reading to distract me from wondering how that heavy plane stays in the air. Something to do with physics, I believe.)

Send your reading suggestions to: “Liz’s Book Club”, Kenosha News, 6535 Green Bay Road, Kenosha, WI 53142. Send emails to: The deadline is June 15. We will publish the list on Sunday, June 19. Until then, happy reading!

Do you have a comment ? Email Liz at or call her at 262-656-6271.