Things we would like to see from our local booktok

The book side of TikTok – “booktok” – is the side of the social media app where people share their love for books. People make videos to share book recommendations, post their favorite excerpts, or make fun content about reading in general.

However, compared to other countries, our local booktok just doesn’t measure up. Here are some ways to improve this.

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More content creators

The biggest thing missing from our local booktok is the number of people actually creating book-related content. Other than a handful of accounts, very few people post about books or any type of reading-related content.

A lack of content creators means there is less content in general. Different people have different tastes, and a limited number of people will not be able to cover everyone’s needs. There is a myriad of content that can be created on the books, ranging from amusing sketches of reader struggles to in-depth analyzes of various stories.

Variety of content

Of the current content that exists, much can become repetitive. Most booktok articles are about the same few authors of a genre and it’s usually just about their books. It’s only normal for people to make more content about popular and beloved authors as more people read their writings, so videos about them get more popular and get more likes and likes. views.

However, it’s gotten to the point where these people are the only ones talked about, and underrated writers from less popular genres don’t get the same love. While getting good engagement is important for content creators to thrive, booktok’s main goal should be for book lovers to share their love of reading. Adhering to what only the majority prefers alienates people who aren’t into mainstream content. This is something that does not only affect our local side, but it is also an issue internationally.

Content of local books

Booktok in Bangladesh has the potential to become something big. The amount of literature available is immense, and there is much to discuss and dissect on a contemporary and classical scale. Some Instagram accounts share local book lines, but the amount of content that can fit in a 3-minute video is very different from a post.

Also, most of these articles tend to be about aesthetics rather than the content they contain. The number of videos that could be made on Bangladeshi novels is untapped and unexplored material. At the same time, it can present local stories to the world. Most of the booktoks are very euro-centric, and the introduction of our country’s books will help diversify it globally. As stated before, booktok desperately needs some variation, and this might be able to spread some of that.

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