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Air ducts have been recognized by government agencies like the EPA and researchers as having a direct influence on the air quality that homeowners and their families enjoy.

However, air ducts are often neglected, which can have serious consequences for the health and well-being of people at home. Noble Air recommends that air ducts be inspected and cleaned at least every three years. It would be best if homeowners hire a professional cleaning company at least once a year.

Depending on the region, there has been a steady decline in air quality over the past decade. Combined with natural disasters such as forest fires and the aerosolization of fine particles from these disasters, as well as ambient pollution, outdoor air quality is poor.

Dirty air ducts mean central air conditioning systems aren’t working at full capacity. A variety of materials including spores, particles, dead skin, pet dander, dust from rodent feces, molds, bacteria and even viruses can lodge in the duct system – and those -these will become airborne and spread throughout the house if the air ducts are not clean.

Many of these airborne contaminants can have serious effects on people with asthma, medical conditions affecting the lungs and upper respiratory tract, or depressed immune function.

Noble Air Team advises owners to perform a few simple checks to assess if the air ducts need repair.

“It can be as simple as removing a vent cover and watching. If there’s dirt, dust or debris, it’s time to call in the professionals. Also check the air filters in the duct system – if they are clogged, it may be a sign that the ducts need to be cleaned – and that your HVAC system is pressurized.

He also pointed out that an accumulation of dirt and dust, especially when impeding airflow through the system, will place the HAC system under tremendous pressure. This can lead to longer operating times and more wear on parts. The impact of a dirty duct system can have ongoing, long-term financial impacts. A system that has to work harder simply uses more energy and that adds up to monthly electricity bills. Over the long term, parts under constant stress tend to fail – and replacing these parts can be extremely expensive. A clean air duct system will ensure the parts perform for their full expected life.

Noble Air Team concluded. ‘It’s easy to ignore your air ducts. It’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. But dirty ducts can have serious health consequences for people at home. Dirty ducts can add to the financial burden of already spiraling household expenses. Professional air duct cleaning services offer exceptional value for money, and when compared to the value of a family’s health, these services offer an incredible return on investment.

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