By Katie Lobosco, CNN States and local governments are stepping up plans to spend the billions of dollars provided by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed last year. The law, enacted about 100 days ago, will provide $550 billion for new federal infrastructure investments over the next five years.Read More →

“Mermaid Confidential” by Tim Dorsey (William Morrow) “Mermaid Confidential” is the 25th slapstick-noir novel in which Tim Dorsey chronicles the antics of obsessive-compulsive serial killer Serge Storms and his drugged sidekick, Coleman, as they devise fiendishly inventive ways to murder a gallery of florida crook thieves. and thugs who hadRead More →

RIYAD – A total of 7,047 private sector establishments entered the local market during the third quarter of 2021, according to the latest report from the General Social Insurance Organization (GOSI). Thus, the total number of establishments operating in the private sector reached 636,311, an increase of 1.12 percent. period.Read More →