By Katie Lobosco, CNN States and local governments are stepping up plans to spend the billions of dollars provided by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed last year. The law, enacted about 100 days ago, will provide $550 billion for new federal infrastructure investments over the next five years.Read More →

Whitman County to invest $ 400,000 in new airport terminal Whitman County Commissioners voted Monday in favor of a $ 400,000 investment in the new Pullman-Moscow regional airport project. The terminal project is expected to cost $ 61 million, with the bulk of that cost being paid for by theRead More →

Scholar focuses on administrative law at the municipal government level. Scientists have a long time debated principles of US administrative law, but these discussions focused almost exclusively on federal law. To what extent do these principles apply at the local level? Despite the abundance of research in administrative law, fundamentalRead More →