Students enrich themselves during the summer | Local News

While sleeping, ditching paper and pencils, putting books away and having fun in the sun may have been the order of the day to start the summer for most Cody students, many youngsters took advantage of the district’s wide variety of Summer Slam classes.

There are several courses for students to choose from and many of them are sure to attract the interest of a wide range of students. From the very beginning, many eager children took advantage of it.

“I couldn’t wait for this class to start,” said photography student Dagny Lee. “This is very fun.”

Photography was just one of the few free classes that kept kids engaged at Livingston Elementary School.

Other classrooms were filled with K-5 students studying guitar, painting, 3D printing, calligraphy and more.

Photography students were mastering small digital cameras, while focusing on a variety of ways to get the perfect shot.

“I like the wildlife and the scenery the best,” Lee said. “I usually play with my dad’s phone camera when he lets me. Last week we saw four grizzly bears in Yellowstone.

With 3D printing still in its infancy, the possibilities of the emerging technology can be limitless, and a classroom full of Cody students entered the field thanks to Larry Gerber’s summer course, completing printed parts Individualized 3Ds that they were able to experience with the exterior once they were completed.

“We’re working on bubble wands right now,” said future sixth-grader Parker Shaw. “In essence, it’s a bubble wand, but instead of having just one small bubble, you can make yours have multiple holes that you can blow multiple bubbles into. So you can blow three bubbles or even six bubbles at a time.

It sounds simple enough, but a lot of detail and planning goes into printing something on a 3D printer, and once young students figure it out, it’s something they can take with them the rest of their lives. their academic career and beyond.

“We use it on Tinkercad,” said Shaw, an app used in 3D design, electronics and coding. “We send it to Mr. Gerber on Google Classroom, he puts it on the little card, and then the printer registers and says, ‘Oh, I’m doing this’ and then, boom.”

Today’s 3D printers are capable of producing not only small objects like bubble wands and camera cases, but also objects as large as houses.

“They are now 3D-printed human organs,” Shaw said. “It’s really cool.”

Art supplies filled Livingston’s cafeteria as students worked diligently around paintbrushes and other materials to produce minor masterpieces in the Creative Canvases for Kids classroom.

“I’m enjoying my summer to the fullest,” said Sabine Bates as she added the finishing touches to her painting.

Projects ran the gamut as students honed their skills.

“We made gnomes, hot air balloons, orchards, llamas and whale tails,” said Kayton Warner, the new fifth-grader. “I think gnomes were my favorite, but I also liked llamas.”

Classes are just getting started, with subjects for all grade levels and interests, and run all summer long at Livingston, Sunset, Cody Middle schools and outdoor locations throughout the region.

Students can learn everything from kayaking and hiking to self-defense and crafting.

The district has partnered with several community partners to help the summer program succeed.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Rocky Mountain Song Writers, Wild West Paddle Club, Gradient Mountain Sports, Science Kids Cody!, Bright Futures Mentoring, Studio Theater @ Cody Center for the Performing Arts, Cody Country Art League, Cactus Productions and Cody Rec Center partnered with the school district for Summer Slam.

Tiffani Jackson, Jennifer Just, Officer Jason Potter, Garrett Randolph and Preston Randolph were also mentioned as partners and supporters.

“It’s been really awesome how they’ve organized this for the kids this summer,” Gerber said. “There really is something for everyone, and they really seem to be enjoying every minute of it.”