Servant’s Heart Award Presented to Beloved Cove Creek Teaching Assistant | Local news

BOONE – Cove Creek School’s kindergarten teacher assistant Alisa Watson received the Watauga County Schools Servant’s Heart Award by the Board of Education at its monthly meeting on December 13.

The Servant’s Heart Award is the highest recognition the school board can give to teachers, staff and community members who go above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the school system.

Watson was named by Cove Creek kindergarten teacher Patti Hensly, who has worked with Watson in the classroom since arriving at the school 12 years ago. Hensly praised Watson for his work ethic and dedication.

“I have worked with Ms. Alisa for 12 years now at Cove Creek, and she is one of the hardest working people I have met in my 30 years in Watauga County schools,” Hensly said. “I’m sure she hasn’t been without more work than I could count on one hand in those 12 years.”

Hensly said Watson was a tremendous helper and resource in her classroom, but her duties spanned multiple roles across the school.

Hensly said Watson drove a bus starting early in the morning before dawn and walked into the classroom every day with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. After the school day, she drives the bus again every afternoon and is one of the last people to leave Cove Creek at the end of the school day.

Hensly said that during the day there was no limit to the activities Waston participates in to ensure Cove Creek is functioning properly.

“On work days, you can find her doing recycling, helping with babysitting, cleaning the bus, or whatever else she can find that might need to be done,” Hensly said. “She served in the cafeteria service line, filled our nesting boxes with birdseed outside the room, helped make fundraising concessions for my class during Pee Wee Basketball, swept away leaves the sidewalk outside our room and scored points in basketball. games for years. She doesn’t do it for the money, but because she loves children.

Superintendent Scott Elliott, who presented the award to Watson, congratulated her on her dedicated service.

Ms. Watson is a prime example of the selfless work done every day in our schools. Says Elliott. “We all know the work of our principals and teachers, but the impact of the dedicated workers in our school district, Equally important is Ms. Watson, whose work can be different every day. They play a vital role in making our schools run smoothly, and we are extremely grateful for their work. “