Sault Parks and Recreation Department seeks feedback on local parks

SAULT STE. MARIE — The City of Sault Parks and Recreation Department is seeking public input on the development of a five-year master plan.

Every few years, the Parks and Recreation Department adopts a “master plan” for improvements to the Sault area parks. Before implementing its new plan, the ministry is asking Sault residents to complete several surveys. The survey is an integral part of the process of implementing a new five-year plan.

The department offers multiple survey opportunities for residents, including currently available online surveys and in-person surveys to be conducted at various parks.

Starting at 1 p.m. and ending at 4 p.m. on Saturday, September 10, the Parks Department and the Engineering Department are teaming up to host public workshops at five different parks, including Sherman Park and Rotary Island Park. These public workshops will include a survey and an opportunity to provide feedback on the parks.

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Sherman Park Beach is shown.

The first publicly available survey is an online survey. The survey asks questions on a variety of topics, including favorite park activities and most used parks. The survey also asks how the parks system can be improved and for any complaints residents may have.

The first online survey was launched on August 31 and will be available until October 7 on the Soo Parks Plan website.

The second online survey is a map survey with comment sections for all the different city park locations. Residents can register to take the survey and leave comments on each park location. There are options to indicate which programs you like and want to keep for years to come, as well as options to indicate that a particular program in the park is bad or not working properly.

Dozens of people have already left comments about several different park locations in and around the city. The interactive map survey can also be viewed on the Soo Parks Plan website and will be active on the same dates as the written survey.

The department will hold a second day of public workshop on October 4th. Afterwards, the department will hold a public hearing on what to include in the new plan.

The new plan will be adopted by the Parks and Recreation Department on December 19 at City Hall.

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