Residents fear for their safety because a neighbor fired an air rifle

By Paul Burton

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NEWTON, Mass. (WBZ) — Residents of Newton say pellets are flying onto their property, causing damage and scaring them into their own backyards. “It’s a hole in our fence,” West Newton’s Jackie Schrader said. “We think it’s from his air rifle firing through.”

Schrader says she and her family are terrified of the neighbor who lives behind their house who has set up a makeshift air rifle training range.

“If he misses that sign, he enters our property,” Schrader said.

Bruce McKee showed WBZ the air rifle causing all the commotion. It fires .30 caliber pellets. “It’s called a PCP gun. It’s just compressed air,” McKee said.

The 51-year-old is a carpenter by trade but enjoys photography as a hobby. “It’s just relaxation. Some people like to read books, I like to shoot,” McKee said.

But his love for air rifles scares some of his neighbors.

“I called the police several times,” Dayanne Leal said. “When the police arrive, he stops and the next day he does the same thing again.”

Newton police say McKee was not doing anything illegal, but city officials are now taking steps to change Newton’s gun ordinance.

“What we’re trying to do is add an amendment to this ordinance that will cover the discharge of air guns, pellet guns, BB guns,” Newton City Councilwoman Andrea Kelly said.

Several neighbors have complained and filed police reports about the shooting, and many are genuinely afraid to step out into their yard with their children for fear someone will be hurt.

“We stopped coming here. We are scared,” Schrader said. “We don’t know what will happen.”

McKee said he never missed the target or the wood behind it.

Schrader said police looked at a hole in his fence. “We’ve had officers look at it and say it was definitely a projectile from this property. I’m shaking. Scary. It’s causing a lot of anxiety.

The case will be brought before the full city council on Monday.

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