Regent’s new shore excursions immerse you in local culture

Vacationers seek to connect with the culture and history of their destinations and Regent Seven Seas has the answer.

Cruise lines are addressing demand from cruise passengers for more in-depth experiences ashore.

In the high end, the luxury range Regent seven seas revamped its shore excursions, introducing two new concepts: Behind the Design Tours and Eco-Connect Tours.

Regent’s Eco-Connect Tours

As part of the Eco-Connect tours, customers can visit the sloths that live deep in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, in the special rehabilitation center that replicates their natural habitat, which has been devastated by deforestation. At this sanctuary, visitors can see baby sloths and many adults in various stages of rehabilitation.

The tour will also include tree planting to help rejuvenate the forests of Puntarenas and a visit to the farm that provides the organic produce and food for these docile creatures.

Other eco-centric tours head to Bordeaux, France’s premier wine region, to visit the Château de La Dauphine winemakers who practice biodynamic and organic farming methods.

In 2015, the new owners of Château de La Dauphine adopted sustainable biodynamic practices that go far beyond pesticide-free organic farming methods. Biodynamic agriculture takes a holistic and ethical approach that follows the harmonious cycles of nature. Guests visit the vineyards and learn more about biodynamics and its impact on the terroir and the taste of the wines.

“We understand that while our guests appreciate the all-inclusive and superior standards of service found on board our luxury fleet, their primary reason for traveling is to discover and explore,” said Jason Montague, President and CEO.

“That’s why our incredible Destinations team has worked tirelessly over the past two years, creating unique and immersive ways to explore hundreds of destinations with completely new perspectives and unique experiences.”

Behind-the-scenes tours of Regent’s design

Behind-the-scenes tours of the line provide incredible insight into some of the world’s architectural feats.

In Oslo, Norway’s capital, the tour takes guests to some of the city’s most notable sights, including the 13th-century Akershus Fortress, the famous Oslo Opera House and the brand new Munch Museum, currently in operation. construction.

Cruisers get a glimpse of the so-called Barcode area, a striking new development of office buildings, shops and apartments, and the Royal Palace, built in the first half of the last century and residence of the royal family .

The view from Holmenkollen Hill, site of the world famous former ski jumping arena, offers a view of the city and all its architectural delights. Stops at the fjord, Bygdøy Peninsula, and Ekeberg Hill round out the tour.

There are 10 Behind-the-Design tours for the initial launch, which is exclusive to European destinations during the 2022 summer season, with more international destinations expected to be announced later in the year. Other behind-the-scenes design tours focus on sites in Barcelona, ​​Spain; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Glasgow, Scotland; La Coruña, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; and Sete, France.

Regent seven seas also offers more than 150 Eco-connected tours around the world. They allow customers to experience the valuable and beautiful flora and fauna of places like Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Australia, and sample the products of sustainable farming practices in regions like France, New Zealand, and Australia. ‘Argentina.

All offer special, little-known stories and insights from experienced guides that change the way guests see the world.