Project Liffang promotes local culture | New

CELEBRATING cultural diversity and showcasing local talent, the Liffang project in Garapan drew crowds at the 2022 Pacific Mini Games.

“Liffang” in Carolinian means to give.

Office of Carolinian Affairs project coordinator Agatha Ketebengang said the project was designed to empower participating local entrepreneurs and their families to be self-sufficient, especially during one of the busiest times of the year. for the CNMI.

“Our goal was to have an activity or activities on the island for our guests, our Pacific athletes,” she added. “It’s important to have events like this so that we can preserve our culture.”

Among the participating local entrepreneurs was Vanessa Williams of Bwiibs Merchandise.

She said her small business hopes to open a shop in the future, offering island-style t-shirts featuring their logo.

“Bwiibs,” she said, is an endearing Carolinian term for a sibling.

“For the moment, we have not yet opened a store. We are still working on it. This is the first time we join [Project Liffang]. It’s our way of getting the word out to people. For now, we only sell shirts. Maybe later on we’ll start selling more than just shirts,” Williams said.

“We hope that from this we will have a lot of customers and attract more islanders. Not just islanders, but even people off the island, like many of the Pacific minigame athletes.

Athletes and visitors, she said, dropped by and got a taste of what this small business — and many others — had to offer.

“It was really nice. They came and looked around. I guess they liked the music a lot too because they were really dancing,” Williams said with a smile.

The CAO, in conjunction with the United Carolinians Association, the Commonwealth Women’s Association and the Refaluwasch Advisory Council, promoted this project to provide recreation for visiting athletes who were here for the 2022 Pacific Mini Games.

For more information on the Liffang Project, call (670) 234-6383/4/5 or email