Placing local talent in FCPS positions | Letters to the Editor

When I read Chris Allen’s opinion column recommending the hiring of local administrators who have lived and worked here, I wanted to applaud. These local educators have remained in Frederick County Public Schools because they know the culture well and are proud of our school system, even though they face lower salaries than any other county in Maryland. Our administrators believe in what our teachers and other staff are doing here.

I taught in this system for many years. We used a curriculum developed by teachers, which worked well compared to other counties. As a Mount St. Mary supervising teacher helping train young teachers, I have watched talented teachers mentor these young future teachers across the county. I was so proud of the excellence happening here.

Executive search firms have already been used here to bring in outside directors. How did it work for you? There’s so much talent here in Frederick County. I don’t know Dr. Michael Markoe, the acting superintendent right now, but surely he can do a better job than someone on the outside who isn’t familiar with what we’re doing here. Why not use all that money to compensate the educators who are already doing the hard work of educating the students who will one day be leaders here in beautiful Frederick County?

Margaret “Peggy” Denton