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The princess is not always the one to save.

Robert Munsch’s 1980 children’s book, “The Paper Bag Princess,” shows children that traits like bravery and wit aren’t limited to princes, and that princesses are just as capable of being the hero .

“We have a strong princess who rescues the prince and then she decides she doesn’t want to marry him,” said Debbie Lewis, a retired teacher and library assistant at the Hardin County Public Library. “It was kind of groundbreaking to have a strong female lead at the time.”

The book has been well recognized over the years for its inversion of the damsel in distress trope.

According to the publisher, Annick Press, the book has sold over 7 million copies, been reprinted over 100 times and translated into 20 languages. In October, Annick Press announced that the book had been picked up by Universal Pictures as a live-action film.

Lewis read the book to a room full of children on Saturday, which was Paper Bag Princess Day. She said they’re celebrating the book’s 42nd birthday this year.

Every Saturday, children have the opportunity to come to the library and participate in a story hour. Kids can also do crafts and interact with the rest of the kids.

“We want kids to come to the library to have fun, to experience the magic of books and imagination, and to really instill that love of reading,” Lewis said.

Claire Tipton and her sons, Nolan and Will, are regulars at library storytime events.

“Boys love books,” she says. “It gives them a chance to be with other kids their age, to see the love of reading that everyone has and helps foster that.”

Megan and Murat Barisik bring their daughter, Lina, to the library as often as they can for story time.

“It’s a great thing for us to do as a family,” Murat said.

Lina, 4, said her favorite part of the book was when the princess saved the prince.

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