Northeast local school board hears opposition over basketball coach | Local News

The Northeast Local Schools Board gave the floor to a public visitor who expressed displeasure with a recent decision to fire the women’s high school basketball coach for unspecified reasons.

Steven Mueller, parent of one of the women’s varsity basketball team, came forward on behalf of his daughter’s coach, Kyle Tietje. Mueller shared that he and others were told Tietje was fired during spring break week on the grounds that he was “not the right person for the job.”

Mueller expressed his disappointment with the decision and said he had witnessed the coach’s responsible skills over the past three years. He cited how the women’s basketball team won the Defiance Physical Therapy Championship this year for the first time since 2009, and that this past season was their first winning season.

“Coach Tietje, in my opinion, has shown that he is ready to make decisions for the good of the team, not always what is most popular,” Mueller said.

He also shared with the council a letter that his daughter and some of her teammates wrote together and addressed to Superintendent Nicole Wells. The letter expressed their disagreement with the dismissal of the coach and vouched for his character.

In this regard, Wells suggested The Crescent News a comment on behalf of the Board of Directors via email stating, “The District would like to thank Coach Tietje for her five years of service to the women’s basketball program. Right now, the neighborhood is taking another direction.

Two other parents were also present.

In other business, Wells shared that construction of the new Performing Arts Center is nearing completion.

There are still a few details that need to be completed such as ceiling cushions, paint touch-ups, theatrical lighting and carpeting, she explained. Final inspections are underway and the final works on the site will be launched by the end of the month.

Wells shared hopes of opening it for graduation, which would make it the new center’s first major event.

Regarding the Tinora weight room, Wells reported that the ductwork and the ceiling of the fitness room have been completed. Paint touch-ups remain to be done as well as rubber floor coverings.

The following staff have also been approved for one-year contract extensions: Jeffrey Meyer, health and physical education teacher at Tinora Middle and High School and Alicia Shook, intervention specialist at Tinora Middle School.

Ann Fockler’s resignation has been accepted, with her retirement taking effect August 1, 2022. The resignation of Aaron George, assistant football coach, has also been accepted for the 2022-23 school year.

Among other items approved by the board:

• Participation in the IHO Charter Workers’ Compensation Group Assessment Program for policy year 2023. Estimated cost savings for being part of a group versus an individual is $773 .

• Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center replacement roster as provided in monthly updates.

• Increase Eric Spiller’s hours to 40 hours per week for additional duties as Performing Arts Center Coordinator.

• The transfer of Larissa Florence from Tinora Middle School’s eighth-grade intervention specialist to fifth-grade intervention specialist, effective August 25.

• A monetary donation of $888.30 from the United Way/Women’s Giving Circle to be used for the purchase of health cards for the fourth year.

• A monetary donation of $900 from JoEllen and Larry Acocks for Tinora High School’s OHSAA membership dues for the 2022-23 school year.

• Memoranda of Understanding for College Credit Plus with the University of Toledo, Owens Community College, University of Lourdes and Northwest State Community College.

• the contract with the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center for fiscal year 2022-23.

• overnight trips for the high school volleyball team July 7 to Sandusky and the middle/high school wrestling team June 12-16 to Milan.

• Use of Tinora Elementary’s gymnasium and kitchen facilities for the Homecoming Ball on October 1st. Rental fees will be waived.

• the service agreement with the Northwest Educational Service Center for the 2022-23 mentoring program.

• the estimate of Sines Excavating LLC. for the foundation work of the Tinora greenhouse project for $30,300.

• June 16 as a federal paid holiday for non-teaching employees and 11- and 12-month administrative positions, which will be reflected in bargaining and administrative contracts.

• Cara Hornish advances five sick days when current sick days are exhausted.

• The North East Local Schools Chromebook Policy for the 2022-2023 school year.

• A two-year Memorandum of Understanding for Charlene Liska, Assistant Secretary, effective July 1st.