Moreau seeks options for wastewater treatment | Local

MOREAU – City Council is considering a new option for Moreau wastewater treatment as the sewer line runs south along Route 9. Wastewater would be sent to Wilton Water and Sewer at Exit 16 from the Northway as part of the Saratoga County Sewage System.

In October, construction on the $ 9.3 million project, the largest public works project in the city’s history, began near the corner of Route 197 and Route 9.

The new line has already attracted businesses to the region looking to tie in with the new extension and take advantage of the high traffic in the region. In addition to the new Stewart’s Shop and Hudson Headwaters buildings on Route 9, Hoffman’s Car Wash purchased land near where construction began.

The Town of Moreau currently sends its sewage waste on the river to the Town of Glens Falls for treatment with a daily capacity of 190,000 gallons. Moreau currently has more than double the capacity for use, which is 80,000 gallons per day.

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As city supervisor Todd Kusnierz says the city has “more than enough capacity,” the population is growing.

The contract with Glens Falls was not due for renewal until Dec.31, 2024, according to Bill Norton, Superintendent of Water and Sewerage at Glens Falls.

“I signed an agreement with Supervisor Kusnierz on November 17 to extend the contract for 20 years until December 31, 2034, with no change in tariffs or capacity charges,” Norton said.

Despite the cost of the new sewer line which must go to exit 16, Kusnierz explained that after the allocation of money in the city budget and a grant of $ 3.25 million from the New York State for the remediation projects, the remaining cost is almost equal to the cost of the contract with Glens Falls.

“It turns out to be almost a washout, but there are increased benefits to sending our sewage to Saratoga County as well. It would give Moreau a seat at the table in Saratoga County. We have no representation. at Glens Falls, “he said.

A heated debate on the future route of the new sewer line being installed was sparked among council members ahead of the recent 5-1 council vote. in favor of a $ 24,000 survey of the land. Kusnierz and John Donohue, a member of the city council, did not agree on the expenses related to the current project.

The difference of opinion was brought to light as the matter of approving an aerial survey of the land along Highway 9 in Moreau which is part of the proposed route of the southbound sewer line was put to a vote. .

Donohue argued that this was a waste of money because the current deal with Glens Falls for wastewater treatment was no problem and he cited the $ 35,000 the council had already spent on a survey of land in the past.

Kusnierz accused Donohue of not pursuing the best interest of the town and its residents for discussing the current deal with the engineer from Glens Falls rather than the engineer from Moreau. He said the residents of Moreau were “held hostage by the city” with its rising tariffs and overcapacity charges.

Donohue said he was simply doing research to ensure the board made an informed decision regarding plans for a contract with the county’s processing plant.

“I went to the engineer at Glens Falls just to get the numbers,” he said.

City Council Member Alan VanTassel explained how the additional path for the sewer line would present several options for the town of Moreau, similar to the current water main. The city has ties to Saratoga County and the City of Queensbury.

Approval of the inquiry was put to a vote and passed, with opposition from Donohue. There were no further discussions on the possible new contract.