Ministry of Food and Agriculture sponsors ‘Discover Your Local Market’ campaign

Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Cem Özdemir resumes sponsorship of “Discover Your Local Market”. The campaign, led by the German association GFI Deutsche Frischemärkte eV, is the German component of the international “Love your Local Market” movement. It unites more than 400 weekly markets in Germany’s metropolitan areas to draw attention to the indispensable role of local markets for urban society through joint campaigns.

As Federal Minister Cem Özdemir explains: “Local markets are places of diversity and encounter. In markets, people from different generations and cultures gather in their neighborhood to shop and exchange ideas. The future and the promotion of the more than 3,000 local inhabitants The markets in Germany are a subject that is close to my heart because they manage to animate our city centers. About 50,000 traders work every day to ensure that we have fresh, regional quality products. Proximity markets thus ensure a local security supply and score points by being resource and environment friendly, regional economic cycles – and thus also contribute to climate protection.”

Thomas Lehmann, Member of the Board of Directors of GFI Deutsche Frischemärkte eV and Managing Director of Märkte Stuttgart GmbH adds: “We are very pleased with the sponsorship of “Discover your local market” by Federal Minister Cem Özdemir and the BMEL (Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft). This is an important sign of the importance that local markets have for our economy, our society and in terms of climate and nutrition policy.

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