Local Author Presents Book at Super Saturday – The Greenville Advocate

Super Saturday at the Greenville Library was really great on April 16th. Local author Cynthia Herbert wowed the 20 children in attendance with her new book, Macy Hill. The first book in a series about a young girl and her friends, and all the great adventures they have.

Macy Hill aims to encourage children to be their best, to be friends and to believe in themselves. “Think big” is Herbert’s favorite quote, and his new character, Macy Hill, certainly lives by that motto.

Herbert said she wants kids to know they can become anything they dream of, whether it’s an author, a track star or a baseball star.

Herbert, who was born and raised here in Greenville, wrote her first story at age seven. She enjoys not only writing, but reading the works of other authors, especially her favorite, Maya Angelou. Herbert has always been involved with children, both in tutoring and in children’s ministry and enjoys sharing the story of Macy Hill and her friends with the children she meets.

The Nancy Drew series were Herbert’s favorite books growing up. Much like his character Macy Hill and Nancy Drew, Herbert looks forward to the journey that comes with promoting a new book.

“It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. You can be anything you want to be,” Herbert told attendees on Saturday.

Herbert always wanted to be an author. His insights come from real-life experiences, the author said.

Having attended LBW and Reid State, Herbert has not only observed herself, but also what others go through to achieve their goals and dreams. This is a major theme of his book.

Along with having a son, Herbert had an adorable pet Chihuahua named Dixie for 22 years who she plans to add to the Macy series one day with a book about her pet.

Herbert’s book illustrations are from FX and Color Studio, one of the world’s top children’s book illustrators. “Ten percent of the proceeds go to Muscular Dystrophy,” Herbert said. It’s her charity of choice and she’s proud of the support she can provide.

The Greenville Library added to this support by purchasing a signed copy of its book for each of the families who attended Super Saturday.

Kevin Pearcey, Director of the Greenville Library and Johnathan Grace, Director of Children and Youth Services helped make this dream day a reality for Herbert. Herbert’s book, Macy Hill, can be purchased at Amazon.com.