Local art exhibited at Warehouse | New

Carol Dawson’s art is on display through August 16 at the Warehouse Living Arts Center Gallery at 119 W. Sixth Ave.

Born and raised in Corsica, Dawson has always found her own deep roots there to be a rich source of continuous inspiration – from her gardens and countryside to her diverse cultures and fascinating shared stories. After studying English Literature and Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, she launched her writing career, lived abroad in Europe and New Zealand, and trained formally under the tutelage by painters Ray Vinella and John Koenig in Taos, New Mexico. She is the author of four critically acclaimed novels and two non-fiction books. Additionally, she has published numerous articles in national magazines, while simultaneously exhibiting her watercolors in galleries and exhibitions in New Mexico, Washington, and Texas. She has also served as Official Writer-in-Residence and Visiting Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at Santa Fe College, and continues to lead writing workshops and classes.

In her artistic practice, Carol Dawson aims to transform the perception of mundane natural scenes into a new marvel. She invites the viewer to see how a small piece of our everyday life is filled with detail and life, turning the micro into the macro. To achieve this, she uses birds as well as plants as subjects, depicting the birds on a human scale or presenting a tiny section of a garden as a giant jungle of flowers, roots and soil – a bird’s-eye view. bird. containing a whole world. As iconic as birds are throughout human cultural development – occupying an archetypal place in our psyche – they are often seen as faraway little creatures, floating forever out of reach. In Dawson’s work, they confront the viewer in the eye, ensuring new consideration. Dawson hopes the viewer may feel like they’re facing an equal – a bird meeting another bird on its own soil – and remember that conserving this declining population is of paramount importance to us. .

Dawson has been focusing on watercolor for 35 years. His visual work is represented in public and private collections across the country.