Local Airport Performs Full Scale Airplane Crash Simulation | News

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) — Alarms went off early Tuesday morning at Flint Bishop International Airport as part of a three-year training to test first responder plans in the event of a plane crash.

Various local fire and police departments across the country, as well as airport employees, participated in a simulated large-scale plane crash as a way to practice and hone response plans emergency.

“Conducting exercises like this allows us all to test our abilities to ensure that we are able to work operationally and to ensure that we are able to react appropriately in emergency situations. emergency,” said Michigan State Police public information officer Lt. Kim Vetter. .

The FAA requires local police and firefighters to participate in the exercise every 36 months. Vetter says they spend the next planning cycle as a way to critique and improve.

The simulation begins at Flint Bishop International Airport, but ends at Hurley Medical Center, where injured victims in a real-life scenario would go.

“Because we are a level one trauma center, we have a mass level of expertise to be able to meet this need at any time.” John Stewart, Emergency Services Administrator said.

Stewart says that although the training is triennial, COVID-19 has made preparing for the day more difficult in some cases, but pandemic or not, emergency responders need to be prepared for anything.

“This test challenges the system on a different level,” Stewart said. “In the past two years we haven’t done that to this degree, so this is a good opportunity for us to exercise our contingency operation plan and test it more than what we have with the covid response plan.”