La Coleccion allows guests to dive deep into local culture

As the pandemic wanes, a growing number of travelers seek unique, immersive experiences they can share with family and friends, and that’s where La Coleccion Resorts by Fiesta Americana’s portfolio of more than 30 properties comes in. Game.

“There is an intense desire to reunite with loved ones and friends and see other parts of the world while enjoying new activities and engaging with all that a destination and resort offers,” said Mauricio Aceves, Vice President of Business Development for Posadas, La Coleccion. Resort by the parent company of Fiesta Americana.


“Our resorts see this dynamic as an opportunity to deliver these experiences without the guest having to worry about planning their itinerary.

“Each resort offers luxury and culinary excellence with the added element of connecting the guest to the destination; and that’s where memories are made, between an eager guest, a wonderful resort and a spectacular destination.”

Here’s just a sample of some of the experiences available.

Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel de Allende

“Those staying at Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel de Allende can embark on a journey of life through the city skies via a hot air balloon tour, coordinated directly by the resort concierge,” Aceves said.

“The activity is engaging, exciting and fascinating. As fun as it is cultural, this excursion will remain a memory to be revisited for years.

Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana

Live Aqua Punta Cana offers guests a range of tranquil experiences. (photo via La Collection Resorts by Fiesta Americana)

The Dominican Republic resort is ideal for friends who want to enjoy tranquil experiences, from zen spaces to grand waterfalls.

“While the adult-only all-inclusive experience may seem mainstream, few places encompass the luxury this five-star resort offers in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations,” Aceves said.

“This is truly an adults-only escape worthy of friends looking to enjoy their downtime from zen spaces to grand waterfalls.”

The Kohunlich Explorer

Explorean Kohunlic
At Explorean Kohunlich, you can enjoy romantic dinners in a jungle setting. (photo via The Collection)

Located in a Mayan rainforest in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Explorean Kohunlich offers a wide range of active activities and the opportunity to connect with nature.

“With its attractive natural surroundings, its cabana and bungalow rooms offer a rustic yet modern decor that promotes Mexico’s age-old culture,” Acevas said.

“This all-inclusive resort offers the perfect getaway for groups of friends who dream of scenic exploration without the stress of planning.”

Activities include snorkeling, biking and walking tours, kayaking, and romantic dinners in a verdant jungle.

Great American Oaxaca Party

Excursions Grand Fiesta Americana Oaxaca
The Grand Fiesta Americana Oaxaca organizes excursions that include weaving lessons taught by descendants of the Zapotec culture. (photo via Claudette Covey)

Guests can experience the region’s modern and ancient cultures through excursions booked directly with the hotel concierge.

“Guests can book their place for a trip to Monte Alban, a huge pre-Columbian archaeological site in Oaxaca to see pyramids and remnants of an ancient civilization,” Aceves said.

They can also explore Mitla, located 27 miles southeast of Oaxaca City in the upper Tlacolula Valley.

“Mitla is home to ancient structures, mosaics and frescoes that illustrate the grandeur of pre-Hispanic civilization,” he said.

“After this trip, guests can stop and learn how to dye and weave descendants of the Zapotec culture using traditional methods and ingredients to formulate luxurious, colorful tapestries.”

In addition to a myriad of immersive activities, La Coleccion properties also offer guests “splendid spa treatments, extensive dining options and invigorating adventures in some of the world’s most desirable locations,” Aceves said. .

“Whether friends are gathering for the first time in years for an adventure in Cozumel or reuniting with loved ones for a luxurious weekend on the sunny beaches of Cancun – the diversity of our resorts and destinations will surely offer our guests memorable moments for years to come.”