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By RICK BROWN Yard Light Media

KEARNEY — Organizing an event like Family Fun Fest takes a lot of effort from many people, but the benefits of coming together to celebrate arts and culture can have lasting effects.

“I think the most important thing Family Fun Fest does is bring the arts and culture of Kearney to the community,” said Jennifer Beck, Director of Community Engagement at the Kearney Area Children’s Museum and Kearney Fellow. Cultural Partners. “Family Fun Fest is a great way to bring the cultural community together and provide fun and educational activities.”

The free event, organized by Kearney Cultural Partners, will feature activities, music, food and performances from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday at Yanney Park.

The Edgerton Explorit Center will demonstrate the wonders of science.


Activities allow children to enjoy the creative process.

“Arts and culture can be great fun and provide education and excitement for all ages,” she noted.

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Kearney Cultural Partners is a group of 24 organizations dedicated to bringing a rich assortment of art, music, dance, theater, film, history, literature and family entertainment to Kearney residents and visitors throughout year round. Hosting events like Family Fun Fest helps raise awareness of Kearney’s cultural groups and also provides community members with an opportunity to sample the arts.

Steve Barth, president of Kearney Cultural Partners, understands the value of bringing community members together.

“With all of these arts and cultural organizations represented, we thought, what a wonderful opportunity to come together and produce a festival of family entertainment that celebrates all of the arts and culture in our region,” he said.

Fun Fest Fire Juggler


Highlights of the event include music from The String Beans, performances from Polka Dot Entertainment and activities from the Edgerton Explorit Center.

“This is the first time we’ve come together with all 24 Yanney Park organizations to produce this event,” Barth said. “As arts and culture organizations, we believe it is very important to introduce young people to music, theatre, dance, history and culture. It’s a wonderful opportunity for families to attend this free event and experience the arts, often for the first time. And we do it in a fun way.

The fact that all the organizations meet at the same time allows the families to get to know the groups better.

Beck spoke about the benefits for Kearney Cultural Partners members of participating in Family Fun Fest.

Fun Fest Juggler

Polka Dot Entertainment’s Fire Jugglers will perform. Jennifer Beck, event organizer and member of Kearney Cultural Partners, said, “I think hosting this Family Fun Fest is a great way to not only bring the arts community together, but also provide fun and educational.


“This is an opportunity for each organization to share more information about who they are and what they can offer the community so that individuals in the community can have a better understanding of all the artistic and cultural opportunities available to them. surround,” Beck said. “At the same time, Family Fun Fest provides promotional means for each organization to promote the events it has scheduled.”

For clients, having the chance to try an activity can create a meaningful introduction to that art form.

Barth said: “There were events that I witnessed in my childhood that I still remember today. These events had an impact on me that encouraged me to pursue a career in theater and music. These events can really have a lasting impact, especially on children.

With music, dance, crafts and performances, Barth said the event offers something for everyone.

“We’ll have fire juggling, stilt walkers, levitating statues, an amazing Edgerton Explorit Center bubble show, bouncing houses – and a musical performance by The String Beans, who are incredibly popular with families across the country. region,” Barth said. “The Classic Car Museum will bring a DeLorean car like the one from the movie ‘Back to the Future.’ And there are a huge number of activities available.We are delighted to offer all of these events.

Fun Fest stilts

A performer uses stilts to entertain.


Members of Kearney Cultural Partners work together to promote art and culture in central Nebraska.

“We’ve been around for nine years and we’ve grown the number of organizations participating,” Barth said. “We have 24 groups that support each other and elevate the arts. We’ve gotten a lot of attention across the state with arts councils from other communities asking how they can have that same kind of collaborative nature. This really makes Kearney an attractive place for arts and culture. And it is our goal as an organization to uplift each other and make Kearney an arts and cultural destination.

Family Fun Fest organizers are also looking to bring people from surrounding communities to experience the arts.