KATS passes in real time with its information | Local news

KINGSPORT – Kingsport Area Transit System users and the general public can now track buses on all six routes via an app.

Ride Systems has a variety of features ranging from the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, providing real-time information on bus locations and even approximate arrival times.

What is this service for?

This service provides customers with a route map with icons showing the location, direction and approximate passenger capacity of each bus in service. There is also an alarm function that will alert passengers when a bus is approaching the selected stop in addition to the arrival times at the bus stops.

Available through Ride Systems, the KATS Ride Systems website can be accessed from a computer or wireless device at: https://mobile.ridesystems.net/.

The Ride Systems app is available for download to a smartphone through Google Play or the App Store. If the service doesn’t automatically detect your location, just search Kingsport Area Transit on the list of transit agencies.

In addition to driver benefits, data collected via GPS technologies in the app provides monitoring and service management tools for KATS.

The information gathered is then used to better understand and assess performance, identify service issues, and help plan future routes.