Intersection project awarded to local contractor | Columbia County

HUDSON — The Common Council voted to award the Fairview Avenue and Green Street intersection renovation work for pedestrian safety to A. Colarusso & Son, Inc. at its formal meeting Tuesday.

The council also allocated $139,565 from Federal American Rescue Plan Act funds and $79,845 from city funds to A. Colarusso & Son, Inc. for the project.

The city awarded Creighton Manning, an Albany-based engineering firm, the contract to design the pedestrian safety plans and overall intersection improvements. The intersection is located on a busy truck road with heavy foot traffic.

“I look forward to the improvements,” 5th Ward councilman Dominic Merante said Friday. “It’s a long time coming for residency in this area and improving road safety.” Merante grew up in Greenport near the intersection and remembers dodging cars as a child.

The council allocated $367,840 to Creighton Manning, the only bid for the project the city received in April. The supply was significantly higher than the company’s estimated supply about a year ago due to price increases and supply shortages.

A. Colurusso & Son also filed the only bid for the construction of the intersection project, located at Routes 9 and 23B, making it the lowest bid.

The intersection has been a dangerous problem for the citizens of Hudson and Greenport for many years. It is the hope of the Communal Council that construction will begin as soon as possible.

In 2020, Stewart’s Shops, the owners of convenience stores and gas stations located at the intersection, donated $200,000 to the city to undertake improvement work, including renovating crosswalks, sidewalks and add new traffic lights.

In response to the donation, the city provided a $16,870 contract to Albany-based engineering firm Creighton Manning to design an improved and safer intersection.

The subsequent improvement design was completed by the company in April 2021 and revealed that the project would cost around $241,000, well above the donated funds available.

Since then, the costs of completing the project have increased due to supply chain issues, shortages and increased construction costs.

The project cost estimate in February was $339,565, more than $139,000 more than the original $200,000. As of May, however, the total cost of the project is estimated at $419,410, more than double the original amount.

Four elements of Colarusso’s line item costs exceeded the engineer’s estimate by 25% or more. Excavation and backfilling of conduits is estimated to be more expensive due to the presence of underground utilities and the need for more expensive materials and backfilling operations.

Basic traffic control in the work area, a traffic sign post and a video vehicle presence detection system are offered at a higher cost than originally planned.

The intersection is heavily used by trucks, according to an August truck traffic survey by Clifton Park-based MJ Engineering and Land Surveying, PC. The intersection also receives heavy foot traffic to Stewart’s stores, located at the corner of Route 9 and Route 23B.

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