INL trainees show what they have learned

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – The next generation of groundbreaking scientists are making their debut at the Idaho National Lab.

Idaho National Lab interns spent the summer working side-by-side with scientists and experts in their fields of interest. They presented the results of their studies on Thursday at the INL internship fair.

First place went to Sophie Williams, for her design of a cadmium waste disposal system in an electro-refiner.

She says it was an incredible experience to be on campus for her second internship at INL.

“To be able to work with this and design something that will be implemented in the near future is pretty amazing and something that I would really like to keep in touch with,” Williams said.

More than 115 young men and women posted posters today about things they have learned over the past few months.

Intern Spencer Christian hopes his project on coding tests for new nuclear fuels will lead to work with nuclear-powered rockets.

“Nuclear rockets or nuclear thermal propulsion is one of the advanced rockets that are being considered for future manned missions to Mars,” Christian said. “That’s because they’re much more efficient than traditional chemical rockets, what you see with Space X or what you’ve seen with NASA in the past.”

So far this year, INL says it has hosted 511 interns from 153 universities, 42 states and 23 countries.