Hornady Honored For Invention Of Rotary Vacuum Drum System | Local news from the Big Island

Dallas Powell, Hornady’s Environmental Compliance Officer, left, accepts the 2021 Scott Wilbur Award for Best Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant from Amit Shrivastava, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nebraska Water Environment Federation Association, honoring Powell and Hornady for creating a rotating vacuum drum filtration system with LR Water Treatment.

Courtesy photo

Hornady Manufacturing received the 2021 Scott Wilbur Award for Best-in-Class Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant at the Nebraska Water Environment Federation’s Joint Fall 2021 Conference.

The award recognizes well-operated facilities in the state, explained Dallas Powell, Hornady’s environmental compliance manager.

In 2020, Hornady, an ammunition maker, installed a system designed by Powell and LR Water Treatment.

It was one of Nebraska’s first rotary vacuum drum systems, Powell said.

“We made it work efficiently, so I sent in the application because I knew that not only the state, but other industries across Nebraska, would benefit from this technology,” she told The Independent.

The system uses the wash water used by Hornady to clean the casings and bullets produced at Grand Island and chemically treats it to precipitate the metals, Powell said.

The filter, which is coated with diatomaceous earth, “separates water from solid particles, generating one micron of clean water producing dry, landfill-ready solids.”

“This system allowed for an immediate increase in production capacity at the Grand Island plant, which with COVID and everything was a really big plus,” she said.