FPS provides bond update for March. | Local News

Design work is underway on elementary buildings in the Fremont Public Schools system, while schematic designs have been completed for construction projects at Fremont High School.

The FPS this week announced an update on project planning for a $123 million bond issue passed by Fremont voters in September 2021.

“We continue to move forward with our bond planning process. We are excited to start working this summer when school is out. Taking advantage of the favorable bond market has been key to being able to carry out the projects outlined when voters gave their approval last fall,” Fremont Public Schools Superintendent Mark Shepard said in a recent press release.

The updates for the separate facilities and the bond project as a whole are as follows:

Fremont High School and Career Technical Education (CTE) Project:

  • Schematic design submissions for the High School and CTE renovation project have been completed. Hausmann Construction is in the process of determining the estimated costs of the proposed works.

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Test wells for the proposed geothermal system have also been drilled on the high school campus and are currently being analyzed. A request from the district for geotechnical service proposals was also sent. Work on geotechnical services is expected to begin in late March or early April.

Elementary school projects including Washington, Howard and Clarmar.

  • Systems design including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and architecture is underway. Further work is underway regarding the exterior design and key interior spaces. These areas include the outbuildings and the media library.

Milliken Park Elementary School:

  • Development appears to be nearing completion as feedback from FPS representatives is complete.

The next round of budget confirmation is underway. Similar to the high school project, test wells for the geothermal system have been drilled at Milliken Park and are being analyzed. Design work for Milliken Park will continue in preparation for this spring’s tender.

Lenihan Learning Center Project

  • : Design development is being finalized with budget confirmation. Design work will continue in preparation for this spring’s call for tenders.

Bell Field Elementary Project:

  • The design team and FPS are working on a tender package to repair areas of the roof that have shown signs of leaking. The roof repair package will be subject to an offer. In addition to the re-roofing, program and budget verification work is still ongoing for interior design work to begin this spring.

Linden Elementary Project:

  • Site survey requests will be issued in March in preparation for design work, which is expected to begin in the spring or summer.

Johnson Crossing University Center Project:

  • Site survey work is complete. Design work should begin in the spring or summer.

For the bond funding update, the FPS, in conjunction with DA Davidson, issued $92 million of the $123 million in voter-approved bonds.

Due to the favorable bond market and confirmation of the district’s A+ bond rating, the bonds were sold at an interest rate of 3.31%. Proceeds from the bond will be delivered to the school district on March 31. The remaining bonds will be sold at a later date.