Four counts of drug trafficking at KTN | Local News

Shawn M. Morey, 30, Carlee J. Kistler, 26, Artie J. Ray, 43, and Austin J. Cofrin, 40, are each charged with one count of second-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance . On Friday, Morey, Kistler and Ray were in custody. An arrest warrant was issued against Cofrin on Thursday.

The cases stem from a citizen complaint received by the Ketchikan Police Department on June 30 regarding heavy foot traffic toward a rear window of the building on Bawden Street.

Initial surveillance observed “several individuals involved in the local drug scene…entering and exiting the building,” according to probable cause statements filed with the Ketchikan court.

A search warrant was executed on July 19 at the apartment residence of Morey and Kistler, according to probable cause statements.

During the warrant search, Morey was allegedly found in possession of 1.5 grams of light blue and dark blue M/30 pills which were later confirmed by the Anchorage science lab to contain fentanyl, according to the statement from probable cause in Morey’s case. Investigators also found 2.6 grams of light blue M/30 pills in the kitchen and M/30 pills located in a black backpack.

Authorities also allegedly found a log written by Morey that confirmed “that he sold and distributed controlled substances and listed the price (for) which he distributed them,” the statement of probable cause in Morey’s case says. “The register also indicated that his girlfriend Carlee Kistler was also distributing controlled substances and (that was) a point of contention between the two.”

Also found were two phones that Kistler allegedly identified as his. A warrant search of the phones found text messages and Facebook messages in which Kistler allegedly “not only responded to people asking to buy controlled substances, but also contacted people offering to sell them,” the probable cause statement says. in the case of Kistler.

During the execution of the same search warrant in July, Cofrin and Ray were located at the residence, according to the probable cause statement in Ray’s case.

A jacket found in the residence allegedly contained 41.1 grams of light blue M/30 pills, which were later confirmed to contain fentanyl, according to the probable cause statement in Ray’s case.

CCTV showed Cofrin wearing the jacket. A phone was also found on the floor, which Cofrin identified as his.

A warrant search of the phone would have revealed that Cofrin and Ray corresponded via text and Facebook messages about “the price of pills in the Ketchikan area and Ray tells Cofrin how much money he would make if he came to Ketchikan,” according to the statement of probable cause in Ray’s case.

Based on a phone and other evidence, Ray was arrested on September 3 and charged with second degree misconduct involving a controlled substance.

He was arraigned on Sunday and held on $10,000 bail. As of Friday, he was being held at Ketchikan Correctional Center, according to Alaska Vinelink. He is due to have a preliminary hearing at 1 p.m. next Wednesday at the Ketchikan courthouse.

Morey was arrested on September 2. In his first felony appearance on Sunday, bail was set at $20,000. On Friday, Morey was being held at Ketchikan Correctional Center, according to Alaska Vinelink. Morey’s next scheduled court appearance is a preliminary hearing set for 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Kistler was arrested on Wednesday. At Kistler’s arraignment Thursday afternoon, Ketchikan Superior Judge Katherine Lybrand set Kistler’s bail at $10,000 cash execution bond. On Friday, Kistler was being held at the Ketchikan Correctional Center, according to Alaska Vinelink. She has an omnibus hearing set for 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 8 at the Ketchikan courthouse.

A Ketchikan grand jury indicted the four on Thursday for second-degree misconduct involving controlled substance charges, court documents show.

On Thursday, a warrant for Cofrin’s arrest was issued, according to information from the Alaska court system.

Late Friday morning, Cofrin had not been arrested, according to KPD Lieutenant Andy Berntson.

Daily News writers Jared Boekenhauer and Scott Bowlen contributed to this story.