Former Hancock goalkeeper Diego Lucas signs professional contract in Italy | local sports

Former Allan Hancock College men’s basketball player Diego Lucas has signed a professional overseas contract to play for BLE Juvecaserta in Italy. The organization competes as one of the “Serie C” teams within the EuroBasket League, which is a branch of the FIBA ​​Europe organization.

“When I started at AHC I didn’t know what to expect on this new journey. I had lived in Italy all my life, attended Italian schools and played European basketball, so adapting to the school system American during my freshman year was quite a challenge. The two years I spent at Allan Hancock completely changed my outlook on life,” Lucas said. “My vision for my future as a student- athlete has widened and made me more hungry for success. Academically, AHC is a great environment and I’m proud of myself for earning my Associate of Business Administration degree from Hancock. “

He also added, “Being on the basketball team was the best time of my life and everyone made me believe in myself even during the tough times. I wouldn’t change that experience for anything at all. world. Basketball at AHC is very organized and disciplined, and you could clearly see that we were a winning program. AHC prepared me to be successful in life, to be disciplined and respectful of others, and to work hard to achieve my goals.

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