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GLENS FALLS — Anthony Richichi grew up doodling on the walls of his Glens Falls home, but never thought he’d ever become a professional artist.

“It always seemed like a hobby that I was really good at,” said Richichi, who planned to become a musician.

It wasn’t until 2013, when he started painting in acrylics, that he began to take his hobby seriously because, as he explained, “nothing beats the canvas and painting on the hands.

“It kind of took off after that,” the 35-year-old said.

He recently opened his own studio on McDonald Street and has just released his latest illustrated book, “Raccoons Go Rafting”, published by Saratoga Springs Publishing.

He started working at the publishing house during the pandemic shutdown in 2020. His first book titled “Jack”, written by Kate Falls, is about a talented barn cat.

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He has also written and illustrated his own book titled “Colorworld”, the story of a little boy named Henry who discovers a magical treasure trove of art supplies that bring his drawings to life. He is currently working on a sequel to this book.

Her illustrated book, “Witches, Bats, and Mystical Cats,” written by Julie Chapman, won a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award in 2021.

Local artist Anthony Richichi holds his latest illustrated book, ‘Racoons Go Rafting’, in his new studio on McDonald Street in Glens Falls.

Gretta Hochsprung

Her latest book, “Raccoons Go Rafting,” written by Rachel Vogel, is an adventurous tale of mischievous rafting raccoons enjoying a summer trip down the Hudson River.

Richichi does his book illustrations in a program on his iPad called Procreate. He can sketch, shade and color his drawings on the iPad screen with an Apple Pencil.

Anthony Richichi

Local artist Anthony Richichi draws his book illustrations on an iPad using Procreate.

Gretta Hochsprung

His book illustrations can be described as fine art, while his real passion is the surrealism of Salvador Dali. He often painted paintings by Vincent van Gogh.

“He’s intense, man,” Richichi said of Van Gogh. “His story and how he was just obsessed with art at all costs.”

Richichi often combines two or three Van Gogh paintings into a single recreation.

“The mix and the style, and the brand, you almost feel crazy trying to recreate it,” he said.

His own surreal works would often appear in his book illustrations as paintings on the background walls.

His books are available on the Saratoga Springs Publishing website at www.saratogaspringspublishing.com, and each author also has their own website. Richichi’s illustrated books and illustrations can be viewed at www.tonykillustrator.com. It also organizes art exhibitions and signing sessions in the summer.

Richichi currently illustrates three other books for Saratoga Springs Publishing. He also worked on collectible cards for Marvel. He runs a gallery at the Adirondack Film Festival and he also did artwork for a horror feature film. He also illustrated many comics.

“Just being able to express myself and find a way to make a living,” he said, “but doing it with something that I really enjoy.”

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