Disorganized politics in the UK and the US are tarnishing the name of democracy and disappointing local people

US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson shake hands before a meeting of the North Atlantic Council during the NATO summit in Madrid on June 30, 2022. Photo: AFP

The United Kingdom and the United States have recently been overwhelmed by waves of political unrest, and various negative developments in political circles have been frequently reported. The event that has caught the most attention is British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who agreed on Thursday to resign after a wave of staff left his post.

The Conservative vote of no confidence in early June suggested that Johnson had become deeply unpopular in his own party. The resignations of more than 50 ministers in recent days indicate that he has become completely isolated. “Another significant trigger is his poor performance in diplomacy, in particular the increasingly strained relationship between the UK and the EU, and the mishandling of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has led to runaway inflation. The complaints against Johnson among ordinary Britons can be heard everywhere. His internal and external difficulties are the root cause of his decision to step down,” said Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert and television commentator.

In the United States, Britain’s closest ally, some politicians are still focused on the 2020 election results. A grand jury investigation into Donald Trump’s efforts to nullify the 2020 Georgia election is ongoing. The Texas Republican Party passed a resolution in June that rejects President Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.

The direct trigger for the current political chaos in Britain and the United States is the incompetence of its elected leaders, which has drawn widespread criticism from the public and officials. But their fate cannot be solved by changing their leaders, because the root of the disorder is structural. Globally, the rise of the East and the fall of the West has been an irresistible trend. The West represented by the United Kingdom and the United States is indeed on the decline, and the decline in the quality of their leaders is only one manifestation of this.

Moreover, their so-called democratic political system also plays a significant role in creating the political chaos that both countries are experiencing. “The main problem with their system is that political parties take turns in power. In this system, relations between parties are not cooperative, but fierce,” Song said. “In many domestic and domestic affairs, the parties even lay traps for each other, which causes these affairs to end in disarray and become unsolvable.”

Once elected, the ruling party tends to break the promises it made to voters during election campaigns. As an inevitable consequence, the public in the United Kingdom and the United States has lost confidence in its leaders.

Democracy in itself is a good thing. It is one of the universal fundamental values ​​and principles for all human beings. But the democracy of the United Kingdom and the United States is a bad thing. Their democratic practice is a mess, making democracy tainted beyond recognition.

The United States is vigorously promoting itself as a “beacon of democracy”, an example worthy of being emulated by other countries. This is just a narrative that Washington has fabricated to consolidate its hegemony and leadership across the world, which is proving increasingly absurd through its own practice.

American and British policymakers failed to focus their energy and resources on solving problems at home and meeting the needs of their own people, but instead got busy creating conflict, chaos and crisis abroad. to divert attention from them. This, once again, demonstrates how terrible their democratic practices are and has led to the emergence of irresponsible political lunatics. This practice of prolonging their political life through changing crises has only resulted in an endless accumulation of domestic problems, which in turn harm each other. Democracy in the US and UK is a joke. It is an ineffective fake democracy that consumes national resources.

Democratic practices in the United States and the United Kingdom have tarnished the name of democracy and disappointed people’s expectations of it. It is a democratic practice filled with confusion and risk.