Council of Elections certifies the results of the November elections | Local News

JEFFERSON – The final vote total for the November election was certified by the Ashtabula County Elections Board in a meeting on Wednesday.

Manager John Mead said no race results were changed from the provisional totals and there was no recount once the final vote totals were calculated.

Mead said the Plymouth Township fire and EMS tax were near the recount threshold, but with the relatively low number of votes cast on the ballot, the recount threshold was very low.

Voters approved the levy, 309 votes in favor and 303 votes against, based on the Election Council’s final vote total. To reach the auto-recount threshold of half of one percent, the race would have had to be less than three votes.

Mead said the turnout in the election was 27%, slightly below the number of 30-32% he expected for the election.

Voter turnout is likely to increase significantly next year, starting with the May 3 primary. In addition to the Congressional races, there will also be primaries for the Senate seat currently held by Rob Portman, who has announced he will not stand for re-election. A number of statewide offices, including the governor and lieutenant governor, will also be on the ballot.

Mead said the election went smoothly, including a return to signature notebooks and paper office books.

“We appreciate all of our poll workers who have adapted to the new system,” he said. “We have heard positive comments from voters and poll workers that they welcome the new system, given the money it has saved. It was a very positive election.

The county’s electronic poll books were no longer supported by the manufacturer, and purchasing new ones would have cost the county $ 150,000, plus an annual maintenance fee, Mead said.

“[Board of Elections Deputy Director Charlie Frye] and I just said no, ”Mead said. “We will come back as before. And we knew it would work because Trumbull Township had been using the signing book and the clerk’s book from the start. “