Celebrate Women’s History Month with Two Burning Local Books Reframing Women’s History | Arts + Culture | Halifax, Nova Scotia

SSometimes, just when you think you know a story by heart, a new tale pops up to make you reconsider everything you thought you knew. Case in point? Two hot, local new books from Nimbus Publishing are ready to prove you wrong.

Painted Worlds: The Art of Maud Lewis – A Critical Perspective by Dr. Laurie Dalton falls on April 5, 2022. There has been no shortage of books about the beauty of Nova Scotia’s raw art over the years, from coffee table books to books about her famous painted house through the bright and inspiring fictional novel about his life. by Carol Bruneau, 2019 Light up the corner where you are. But while most writers want to focus on Lewis’s lack of formal training, Painted Worlds ultimately gives the folk artist her due, placing her in the context of art history. “Discussions of technique, intention, and color theory permeate these pages,” the book’s promotional material promises. “Instead of reducing Lewis to his lovable black cats and whimsical rural scenes, Dalton takes us on a deep dive into the artist’s work.” About time.

But of course, Lewis is far from the only Nova Scotian woman whose contributions have been downplayed in the historical record. Award-winning journalist, editorial contributor to Coast and author of Lezlie Lowe’s new book The Volunteers: How Halifax Women Won WWII shows how the domestic work and care work undertaken by thousands of women in Halifax proved to be a secret source of success for the Allies during World War II. The book comes out March 8; Lowe will join The Coast on Instagram Live this Friday, March 4 to discuss it.