Buy local and support local for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday, so here are some local stores to pick up all the Father’s Day necessities.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – COVID-19, supply chain issues, inflation, and online shopping have had a drastic impact on local stores and gift shops in Sacramento.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and here are some local stores to pick up all the Father’s Day necessities.

“We’ve been around for almost 42 years now and this boutique is truly a mixed bag,” said Linda Novi, owner of Mixed Bag. “As you can see by looking around, there is something for everyone.”

Known as a “treasure of Midtown”, Mixed Bag has everything from crazy gadgets to fun socks. For Father’s Day, in particular, there are cookbooks, troubleshooting books, puzzles, and everything in between.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a temporary struggle for Mixed Bag as they don’t sell online and supply chain issues have meant the store is only getting about 60% of what it orders.

“It’s frustrating because you find something you like and want to bring it because you know your customers are going to love it, but it doesn’t show up and that’s because the manufacturer can’t get the parts to make it or they may not get it in time if they order it from somewhere else,” Novi said.

Mixed Bag is located at 2405 K Street in Sacramento and is open 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday and open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

“We’ve seen more of our local customers come,” said Jen Cosman, manager at Evangelines. “I think they like to shop in person or in our store. There’s so much to see here and we have so much stuff crammed into every little nook that it’s impossible to put it all online.”

Evangelines is one of Old Sacramento’s most well-known costume and gift stores and has been open since 1974. For Father’s Day, Evangelines has quite the set-up for the pops. There are joke books, BBQ-themed items, mugs, oven mitts, and more doodles.

Given that there was something close to everything, supply chain issues were just a minor flaw at Evangelines.

“There were a few things we couldn’t get anymore, but we took the hits and changed everything,” Cosman said. “Our customers are fantastic and they showed up for us and as soon as we were able to reopen we were back. That was it!”

Evangelines is located at 113 K Street in Sacramento and is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and closes at 9 p.m. Sunday, so check out what they have for that special father figure!

“All the spices are arranged in beautiful jars throughout the room and you can buy as many or as few as you want,” said Heather Wong, owner of The Allspicery. “The gift of flavor is something most people can appreciate.”

The Allspicery is Sacramento’s first and only one-stop spice and tea store, featuring different spices, ingredients, and teas from around the world. Owner Heather Wong was inspired to start this boutique from her childhood and past travels.

The real question is, how do you spice up your Father’s Day gift? The Allspicery might just be your answer. They offer special BBQ sampler sets, meat and grill rubs, mixologist kits, and cooking tools.

Since the spices and ingredients are sourced from all over the world, Wong faced many supply chain issues, but she didn’t let them take over her store.

“We are certainly not immune to supply shortages,” Wong said. “We’ve seen here and there products that we’re having trouble getting or our suppliers will be out of stock on a few items. Luckily most of the items we receive, if a supplier is out, we’ll usually be able to find from another, but it usually costs more.”

The Allspicery is located at 1125 11th Street in Sacramento and is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, so get that extra dry grill and give it to your dad!

“We just wanted the chance to have a place where local vendors and artists come together in a brick-and-mortar location,” said Sydnei Kelly, owner of Bliss Marketplace.

Bliss Marketplace is a store that offers handmade, vintage and antique furniture and clothing. There are two locations: one in Midtown and one in Rancho Cordova, and both have the cutest displays for Father’s Day, ranging from vinyl records to old-fashioned lamps.

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed foot traffic at Bliss Marketplace, and it had to close for a few months. When they reopened, however, Kelly said it felt like Christmas.

“We had like a little bump in the road there, but for the most part, since we opened, we’ve seen steady growth,” Kelly said. “We’ve been blessed with some truly amazing and loyal customers at both stores.”

Midtown Bliss Home and Gifts is located at 2722 R Street in Sacramento and is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The Bliss Marketplace at Rancho Cordova is located at 2529 Mercantile Drive, Suite C. Check it out and maybe get some cool last minute stuff for your dad!

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