Bread, a local market and conversation accompany the performance of Latino artists at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center

“Guatemala” by Eliana Miranda

“Fronteriza,” which opens at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center on October 1, is a Dallas collaborative project Nuestra artists collective.

The exhibition will feature nine female artists whose work explores concepts surrounding the US-Mexico border.

“While some of the artists in the exhibit grew up in the borderlands of Texas, others find border issues relevant to their work due to Texas’ proximity to Mexico,” a press release read.

“Many artists identify with the concept of Nepantla: a Nahuatl word meaning, between or in the middle of it. Mexican Americans often describe the experience of life in the United States as living in the middle and not fully belonging to each culture. In this respect, we live life on the American side while being aware of what is happening along the border in relation to Mexico.”

The exhibition will engage the community through two events, the Dreamers Mercado and Conchas y Conversaciones.

The market on October 15 will feature Oak Cliff vendors as well as representatives from activist organizations providing immigration information. Based in Oak Cliff Mas que Pan and To break Bread, breaking boundaries are expected to lead border and immigration conversations on October 21.

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The artists of the show are Melissa Gámez-Herrera, Karla García, Sara Herrera, Tina Medina, Analise Minjarez, Eliana Miranda, Tesa Morin, Lupita Murillo Tinnen and Sarita Westrup.