BOOKS: Running Blind: Lee Child | Local News

When I mentioned last month that a reader could read a “Jack Reacher” book once a month for over two years, the plan wasn’t to do so.

But for the third month in a row since watching Amazon Prime’s “Reacher” series, I’ve reached one of Lee Child’s “Jack Reacher” novels. I skipped the first one, “Killing Floor”, since the show’s first season was based on that book. But I picked up “Die Trying,” the second book in the series, two months ago; “Tripwire,” the third book in the series, last month; and “Running Blind,” the fourth book, this month.

There are over two dozen “Jack Reacher” books – this might become a habit for a while.

It would also be an easy habit.

After reading a thick history book, or an even thicker biography, or an even longer classic, Child’s “Jack Reacher” is the type of book I want next – an adventurous page-turner. So far, instead of having to weigh whether an adventure book is worthy, these books have done the trick and haven’t disappointed.

“Die Trying” prompted Reacher to dismantle a violent white supremacist separatist group. In “Tripwire”, Reacher deals with a brutal extortionist who threatens him, a woman he loves, and others.

“Running Blind” is a mystery to both Reacher and reader. Someone is killing women who left the service after filing sexual harassment complaints or who were sexually assaulted while in the military. In short, Reacher is the FBI’s prime suspect because, as a former military police major, he investigated the cases of two of the victims. In fact, the Feds are presenting him as a suspect to coerce him into helping them investigate the series of deaths.

Reacher is a man who spent his childhood as a military brat and the majority of his adulthood serving in uniform. He abruptly left the army and since then he has wandered the United States, falling into various adventures, not so much because he is looking for trouble, but rather because it seems to find him, often because he is simply trying from helping someone with everything from helping a woman struggling with a cane pick up her fallen dry cleaner to manhandling a gangster couple leaning on the owner of their favorite restaurant.

Will there be another “Jack Reacher” novel next month? “Echo Burning” is the fifth book. It’s already on my shelf. There will probably be a few stories, a thick book, and a few other books before the June date, where I’ll probably hit the next “Reacher.”