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An author reading took place at Weyburn Public Library yesterday for Mojet Adediji, who is just 14. His book, ‘Spitfyar: Rise of a Teen Combatant’ has been published in softcover, as well as on Kindle and Amazon.

She said her book tells the story of characters reunited during a time of tragedy and war.

It started when she was 9 and asked to write a short story. Now it’s the first of a trilogy – the second two books she’s currently working on.

When asked how his book now differs from his creation, Mojet said it evolved due to his changing worldview over the past five years.

“Maturity is probably [the biggest change] because this book started when I was nine, and I’m 14 now, so it started from a childish view of the world with a lot of naivety, that the world is peaceful, the world is kind, the world is all these beautiful things,” she shared. “Today I know the world is a great place, but there are also underlying things that come through in this book, which I wanted to add. ”

She said she had help from her parents to get the book published.

“We had an editor in Toronto to help us out before we finally got the editor in Nigeria,” she said, marveling at how long this process took.

“At that time, before I held the hard copy, I thought it was childish, and I didn’t think anyone would really care about the book, but seeing as I have work behind me now, I’m really proud of what happened to that.”

Mojet shared that when she’s not working on writing her trilogy of books, she’s reading, visiting friends, or using social media.

She added that she would like more conferences, in schools and other libraries that invite her.

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