10 local Portland locations you should know before visiting

Portland’s warm climate makes this city an oasis in Oregon. She is proud that what makes the city effervescent is not only its urban attractions but also its destinations where residents and tourists can disconnect, while being perched in the heart of modernity.

For starters, it’s packed with must-see gardens and natural parks where lushness abounds, so it’s no surprise that Portland is dubbed “Rose City.” The Willamette and Columbia Rivers flow through its neighborhoods, so there’s a part of Mother Nature’s gift in every part of the city. Tourists will always find plenty to do in the thriving community of Portland.

ten forest park

A forest in town? Portland welcomes tourists to a veritable urban jungle. Located in the Tualatin Mountains, Forest Park awaits hikers who want to spend their day enjoying the breezes of this lush location.

It has over 80 miles of trails that will take hikers on a journey from jungle to river.

Bird watchers and wildlife watchers will enjoy this pocket of paradise, thanks to its friendly creatures. With Forest Park, visiting Portland means having a place to get away from it all.

9 International Rose Test Garden

Portland is always in bloom, thanks to its iconic International Rose Test Garden. It is a must visit as it is not just a local attraction but a global brand.

Located in inviting Washington Park, this garden is the oldest of its kind in the United States. It is home to over 10,000 roses of varying colors, an inspiring and relaxing sight from dusk till dawn.

From the garden, tourists can enjoy the flowers with the view of the Willamette River and Mount Hood while saying hello. This Portland garden is simply awe-inspiring.

8 Voodoo donut

For those with a sweet tooth who want to taste a proudly local brand, Voodoo Donut is ready to tempt. This popular destination started in Portland and now has over 15 locations nationwide.

Its flagship store in historic old Chinatown is the perfect place to sample sweet treats. Open 24 hours a day, the shop offers weary travelers tasty donuts and other delicious Instagram-worthy pastries.

Tourists should be reminded: don’t miss Voodoo Donut if they want to bewitch their bellies.

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seven Japanese Garden and Lan Su Chinese Garden

There are two other gardens in Portland where relaxation is always close at hand. The first, the Japanese Garden, is located in Washington Park and offers tourists a chance to get away from it all.

This picturesque courtyard is considered one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Asia, an attractive prospect for those who want a quick rest.

Meanwhile, in Chinatown is the Lan Su Chinese Garden, a place to enjoy nature alongside architecture, art and design. Zen is always accessible in this destination, even for those who do not meditate.

6 Pittock Mansion

History buffs are always welcome at Pittock Mansion, a castle where Portland’s rich past comes to life. Proud since 1914, this monument is full of works of art and old objects.

It has 23 rooms where walkers can learn about the original owners of the house, as well as the beginnings of the town. Its West Hills location gives tourists a chance to drink in the sights and sounds of West Portland. Pittock Mansion awaits its guests for a journey of learning and sightseeing fun.

5 Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Families with children should head to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry for an unforgettable vacation. This museum has a planetarium and interactive exhibits that will engage children and the young at heart.

Its theatre, exhibition halls and auditoriums are packed with science and technology learning experiences.

OMSI knows how to make education fun, so customers have a satisfying stay, so they’ll have a repeat visit. OMSI is a must when Portland tourists want to learn new things.

4 Portland Museum of Art

Creative souls can call Portland home too, as it has an art museum where masterpieces abound. The Portland Museum of Art is one of the oldest in the country and houses many works of art from different genres.

It is most famous for its Northwest and Native American collections and houses the work of Vincent Van Gogh.The bullock cart.’ PAM is a place of inspiration, thanks to its wide range of items, from paintings to sculptures. The Portland Museum of Art is where escaping means entering a world of awe.

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3 Sauvie Island

Portland is home to Sauvie, one of the largest river islands in the United States. This island is as big as Manhattan and packed with activities for sun worshipers.

Hikers can follow scenic trails that will take them around a lake, to a viewpoint, to a lighthouse or to nature reserves. The island also has farms that offer fresh produce and corn mazes.

Getting lost on the island is fun. There is also a wine estate on Sauvie where tourists can enjoy a drink before spending a peaceful day on the pristine beach. Island life has never been so good.

2 Powell’s City of Books

With Powell’s Books, Portland continues its momentum as a place of culture and for all. This establishment is the largest used and new bookstore in the world, enough to excite readers.

Occupying a city block, this store is home to over a million titles, so there’s something for kids, young adults, and even non-readers.

Among its most famous sections is its Rare Book Room, where bookworms will have fun discovering unique titles. Tourists shouldn’t miss stopping by this massive bookstore for an experience that’s one for books; it’s also a great Portland destination for solo travelers looking for some quiet time.

1 Saturday market and farmer’s market

When tourists come to Portland on a weekend, they have to rub shoulders with the locals at the Saturday or Farmer’s Market. The first, located in the historic old town, has been operating since 1974 and continues to be a place where local creativity takes center stage.

The Portland State University Farmer’s Market, meanwhile, offers fresh produce and tasty meals.

Exploring the city is never complete without visiting one of these dynamic destinations. As they say, be like a local when you travel and the market is the best place to practice this.