The development of the IKN must take into account the local culture and economy: BRIN

Thus, we can realize IKN as a safe and comfortable city, which respects human rights.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The development of the new Indonesian capital (IKN) must take into account local socio-cultural and socio-economic aspects, stressed Laksana Tri Handoko, head of the National Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN).

During a webinar on Thursday on the preparation of the IKN infrastructure and the migration of civil servants to the new capital in early 2024, he said it was important to pay attention to these aspects because local communities will be part of the IKN’s new culture, Nusantara.

The government must be able to ensure that all the people of the capital can synergize with each other to achieve an advanced Indonesia by 2045.

The state can pursue its social protection and safety agenda by empowering local human resources through each IKN development program, such as for the development of green and smart urban infrastructure.

The relocation of the national capital will also intensify interactions between people of different ethnicities. It will bring benefits, such as strengthening national languages ​​and economic growth.

Therefore, regional archaeological artefacts, the diversity of local systems, local languages, as well as cultural spaces must be maintained.

“We also need to address various challenges in cultural and socio-economic aspects in establishing a multicultural and inclusive society as well as preserving traditions,” the BRIN Chief remarked.

Therefore, the capital’s development should not only focus on physical infrastructure, but also on innovation and technology-based infrastructure, he said.

It is the duty of civil servants to continue to improve public services and governance to gain efficiency, he added.

Thus, BRIN is ready to help the government become a global model in water, food, construction and energy management, Handoko said.

“Thus, we can realize IKN as a safe and comfortable city, which respects human rights,” he remarked.

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